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This is the story of how the Blog and Crafts of the World Online came to be.

I think I discovered my love to travel and seeing new countries and caught the ‘travel bug’ when I first went to Yugoslavia (yes, that long ago!!).

I remember going to this local market in Split and it was so different from our  (Italian) markets, it was very poor and at the same time fascinating and there  were so many nice things! I felt like a child in a toy shop. Unfortunately at  the time I did not have a job, still lived with my parent and there were 3 of  us travelling by car for the next 2 weeks, so not a lot of space or money.

However, I still managed to buy my first kilim! I can still see the market place where I bought it and I still have it, it sits under the dining table.

CIMG26572 300x225 150x150 Welcome!Kilim under dining table

So all these years later the rug/carpet still gives me much pleasure and a whole lot more nice memories. Quite good for a relatively small and cheap purchase.

But I’m digressing. The aim of this ‘about’ page is to tell you a bit about me.
By now you know I love travelling & buying stuff from the places I visit, I love ‘off the beaten track’ places and I travel alone. Ohh, I forgot! My name is Anna.

Back in the late 80’s/early 90’s I spent 7 months on a ship (the QE2) and six of those months based in Japan and sailing local seas. That is the time when I really discovered my passion. Having time on my hands I spent a lot of time researching the places we were about to visit (i.e. Philippines, S Korea, Bali, Singapore, HK, etc.). On board we had a well stocked library. I love libraries, having spent a lot of time when at Uni studying in some of the most renown* (*at least they were at the time) libraries in Rome for Fines Arts [the Vatican & the German libraries, Palazzo Venezia among many). I developed this ‘bookworm’ curiosity. Therefore the QE2 library was one of my favourite places to go peruse and spend time on those long evenings sailing the Chinese seas.

That is when I discovered the Lonely Planets, Rough Guides, etc. and the magnificent source of info they contained. By doing my ‘homework’ before arriving in a new country (sometimes we only had a few hours to spend on land before sailing again) I was able to see some of the things that I was most interested in seeing in the place we were. This was extremely satisfactory as not only I saw a different side to the place we were visiting; I also often avoided the crowds of tourists.

During the 90’s I didn’t have the chance for much travel, however in the last 10+ years I started travelling again at every opportunity and continued with my pre-study of the places I was intending visiting and always managed to find some real gems as well as seeing the landmarks of those countries.

I think since I was at Uni I had an interest in the East. At the time it was Chinese Art (I took two exams on the subject!); spending six months in the Orient consolidated my curiosity and love for those cultures.
More recently I have discovered North Africa and some of the other Mediterranean countries bordering with the Middle East. This has been partly due to my search for sun & warmth as well as small budgets.

Nevertheless two years ago I spent a month in China, travelling from Hong Kong to the peaks of Wudan Shan. I am planning a blog (or more) on my travel in China.

DSCI06651 300x225 150x150 Welcome!

View from Nanyan Temple

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